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Consul-General's Certificate of Commendation Bestowal Ceremony

Date Thursday 13 August, 2015
Place of Ceremony Consul-General's Official Residence

The Consul-General’s Certificate of Commendation was presented to Auckland Police Asian Liaison Officer Jessica Phuang by Consul-General Yoshitaka Yokoyama. To celebrate the bestowing of this award, the ceremony was attended by Auckland Police District Commander Superintendant Richard Chambers, along with other superiors and colleagues of Officer Phuang.

As Asian Liaison Officer, Jessica Phuang has set up a succession of platforms aiming to prevent crime in Auckland, including the Auckland Safety Patrollers, Community Safety Ambassadors and International Student Ambassadors among others, as well as raising awareness amongst the Asian communities of Auckland (including the Japanese community) around ways to prevent crime.

Officer Phuang has presented at safety seminars hosted by the Consulate-General of Japan and been a key figure in Auckland’s largest Japan-related event, Japan Day, organising the security arrangements and police booth. Additionally, she has for many years contributed columns to free Japanese-language magazines on issues such as safety and crime.

When many Japanese nationals in Auckland think of the police, it is an image of Officer Phuang that comes straight to their minds. As the face of the Auckland Police, she has made a huge contribution to the Japanese community and in recognition of this contribution she has been presented with this Certificate of Commendation.

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