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Japan Video Topics Update

2017/2018 No.3

1. Dancing for the Departed 4'34''
2. Survival Food, Gourmet Style 4'56"
3. Sumo Wrestling, with Bulls 4'49"
4. Eco-Friendly Firefighting Foam 4'13"

DVD's Available for Loan

  • Bonseki (24'36'')
  • Japan: Fascinating Diversity (120'00.)
  • Japan Torism Agency Visit Japan(26'23'')
  • Enjoy! Japanese Food(11'00'')
  • Japanese Seafood Exports - The Secret behind the Quality (14'30'')
  • Delicious NIPPON(30'00'' x 4)
  • A Glimpse into Japan(5'00'')

Cultural Items Available for Borrowing

There are a variety of cultural items available on loan from the Consulate-General of Japan for use at school events and other events that are open to and include the general public. Items can be booked by downloading a loan form and faxing or emailing it to the Consulate.

Click here to download the loan form.

Some items will require a suitably large vehicle for their transportation from the Consulate to your school or centre where the items are to be used. In order to determine whether or not your vehicle is suitable please consult with the Consulate staff member in charge of lending the cultural items.

The equipment is lent free of charge, but with the understanding that the borrower will pay for repair or replacement costs should damage or loss occur. The lending period is usually not longer than two week, unless special prior arrangement is made.

Display Items

  • National flags x 6
  • Paper lanterns x 17
  • Decorative straw hats for festivals (hanagasa) x 11
  • Koinobori (Children Day carp streamers) x 2 sets
  • Posters of Japanese Scenery
  • Japanese Kite Set


  • Happi (black & white) x 80
  • Okinawan G8 Summit happi (yellow) x 25
  • Women yukata and obi x 5
  • Men yukata and obi x 5
  • Women geta x 5
  • Men geta x 5
  • Women's simple kimono set x 4

Cultural Equipment

  • Calligraphy sets x 3
  • Traditional music tapes (koto, regional folk music etc.)
  • Igo set x 1
  • Japanese toy set, including kendama spinning tops
  • Taiko drums x 3 (Large, Medium, Small)

Please note:
Happi coats and Yukata must be washed and ironed before return.
We do not courier loan items.

Loan Form for Download

When requesting use of our resources, please download the appropriate loan form and submit the completed loan form to our office by fax (09) 377-7784 or Email: pr(AT)

*Please replace (AT) with @ in all of the listed E-mails due to spam protection.


Download loan form here