Relief Money in Response to the Earthquake Centered in the Kumamoto Region of Kumamoto Prefecture 2016

Following the Earthquake Centered in the Kumamoto Region of Kumamoto Prefecture 2016, the Government of Japan decided to accept relief money from foreign governments, foreign individuals, companies and Japanese residents abroad, in the following manner.

1. Information regarding Account of the Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland for Relief Money

(1) The Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland has opened the following account to accept relief money.

(note) The relief money received by the Consulate-General will be sent to the account of the Government of Japan later. The Consulate-General is accepting donations through March 31, 2018. (The receiving of relief money to the Japanese Red Cross Society at the Consulate ended on June 30, 2016.)
【Account information】
Bank Name: Westpac
Account Name: Consulate General of Japan
Account Number: 03-0104-0029190-004
Particulars: Family name
Code: First name
Reference: Kumamoto
(2) Please inform us via e-mail ( the following information after the transfer.
(1)Whether you require a receipt
(2)Name, address and telephone number of the sender
(3)The amount donated
(4)Date of transfer

2. Relief Money Acceptance Account by Local Governments of the Affected Area

Local governments of the affected area have also opened accounts to accept donations. Please check websites of each local government for more information. If you wish to see the information of the account opened by Kumamoto Prefecture, which is one of the most severely affected areas, please check the following website.