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Abacus And Sword  武士の家計簿

FILMS 2013


2012 Award of the Japanese Academy: Nominated Best Actor Masato Sakai
2012 Award of the Japanese Academy: Nominated Best Art Direction Noriyuki Kondo

(c) 2010 "Abacus And Sword" Film Partners

A film adaptation of the book by Isoda Michifumi, in which he paints a picture of life in the final days of the Tokugawa shogun, based on his painstaking analysis of the household accounts left behind by a low ranking samurai. Director Morita Yoshimitsu, known for tackling a wide range of genres, portrays the inner workings of a samurai household fighting to tighten its finances in this compassionate historical drama. The Inoyama family have been in the service of Kaga clan as expert accountants and reckoners.

The 8th head of the Inoyama family, Naoyuki is so phenomenally gifted when it comes to numbers that his colleagues call him an "abacus maniac." In order to cope with the increasing expenses that come with trying to move up in the world, he works together with his wife Koma and family to do all they can to economize.

Screen Date Monday 25 November 18:15
Venue Rialto Cinemas Newmarket BOOK HERE!
Director Yoshimitsu Morita
Cast Masato Sakai Yukie Nakama Keiko Matsuzaka Mitsuko Kusabue Masahiko Nishimura
Website Abacus And Sword ( Aka: Bushi no kakeibo) IMDb
Bushi no kakeibo (Trailer) YouTube
Japanese with English subtitles
2010 | 129 min | Samurai Drama

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