Visiting Japan & Visa


Japanese Border Measures (from 29th April 2023)

Japanese Border Measures
  • If you enter Japan after midnight Japan time on April 29th, valid vaccination certificate or pre-departure test is not required.
  • ※Those entering Japan with symptoms of suspected COVID-19 infection will be tested upon arrival. Furthermore, those who test positive will be required to quarantine at a designated facility.   


Visas are no longer required for short-term stay for up to 90 days as long as your passport remains valid during your stays and do not receive any income while in Japan.


VISA HOTLINE: 09 802 3564 (English only)
24 hours 7days a week free hotline will provide general information regarding Japanese visas


Japan has three diplomatic missions in New Zealand: 

Each office has a specific jurisdictional area. In order to serve you best, it is important that you contact your jurisdiction office.



Please bring your application to Level 15, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland (Map)

The opening hours for visa related matters: 9:00am - 12:00pm / 1:00pm - 3:30pm (Mon-Fri)

The Consulate-General of Japan is closed on weekends, NZ public holidays and some Japanese public holidays.  Please see here for a list of our public holidays for this year.



*There is NO urgent/priority visa processing service
   (Applications submitted on short notice will not be accepted)

*Applications open three months before the intended date of arrival 
*Visa processing time is minimum of 5 working days (NO EXPEDITED SERVICE)

*Visa process may longer: if additional documentation is required due to the nature of process or necessary to conduct additional verifications because of the particular circumstances of individual applications

*We advise you not to purchase non-refundable airline tickets until the visa is approved

*Applications from those in New Zealand on "visitor visa" (except "Guardian") will not be accepted

*In complete documents will cause you to re-visit

*The length of stay in Japan will be decided on a case-by-base basis based on your intended schedule (except Working Holiday Visa)

*If you are residing in outside of Auckland region and difficult for you to come in person, please email us first.  However, you MUST come in person to collect your own passport

*Check our FAQ page prior to visiting our office or if you have any questions.  Alternatively, you can call 24/7 Visa Hotline: 09 802 3564 (free, English only) or email us

  1. sightseeing, visiting relatives & friends
  2. attending conferences, athletic tournaments, business tirp and so on that are not paid activities in Japan
  3. school trip

Visas are NOT required for New Zealand Citizens for
short-term stays up to 90 days
(no remuneration received)


For applicants intending to work/study/live in Japan 
*incl. Spouse/Child of Japanese national


This CoE is a requirement to apply for the visa of your landing in Japan.  Before you enter Japan, you have to apply for the visa with this certificate at the Consulate.

Working Holiday Visa 

*Eligible for NZ passport holder who residing in NZ only
(no exception)


For travellers who will stop over in Japan
en-route to another country
due to the flight schedules

Extension of Validity of Re-Entry Permit
Visa Waiver Arrangement for Nationals of
the United Arab Emirates 

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan site)

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