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Who needs a visa to enter Japan?

New Zealand is one of the visa exempt country and do not need a visa if your period of stay in Japan is 90 days or less AND you will not be engaged in income earing activities.

Please access the link below to determine whether your nationality is included in the short-term stay visa exemption measure or not.

Digital Agency, Government of Japan recommends that all passengers entering Japan would submit declarations electronically via the "Visit Japan Web"
Visit Web Japan

Eligible applicants (who can apply?) - Applications submitted on short notice will not be accepted (no exception)

  • Visa applicants are accepted only from residents in our jurisdiction
  • Long-term resident status in NZ who hold visa such as "RESIDENT" "WORK" "STUDENT" "GUARDIAN" may apply
  • We DO NOT accept visa applications from any types of NZ "TOURIST VISA" holders (except 'Guardian' status)
  • Visa is only valid for 3 months.  You must enter Japan within this time frame.  Therefore, we will NOT accept any visa applications more than 3 months before your departure date.
  • For CoE holders: you must enter Japan within those three months from the issuing date of CoE

How to apply for a visa (2 ways)

(1) Apply in person (office address & map)

Simply bring in your application during our consulor section hours:
9am - 12pm or 1pm - 3:30pm (Monday to Friday and except Public Holidays)
*NO appointment required*


(2) Appy by post

Applicants reside in outside of Auckland can apply visa by courier and must use the trackable service
  • Must be resides within our jurisdiction 
  • Our office is not responsible for delay of delivery or loss/damage of passports in the mail
  • Please fill in a "pledge form" then email back to us before sending your documents (MANDATORY)
  • Do NOT send money: Visa fee need to be paid at the time of passport collection
  • Courier ALL those required documents (including the original passport)
  • You must come IN PERSON to visit our office to collect you own passport (no exception)
Attn: Visa section  
Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland
Level 15, 41 Shortland Street
Auckland 1010


  • After receiving visa grant notification by email from us, you may come in person to our office
  • Visa fee can be paid at the time of collection.  Only CASH payment is accepted
  • All visa applicants 18 years of age and over must appear in person either when applying for visa OR at collection of visa 
  • All CoE visa applicants MUST appear in person either when applying for visa OR at the collection of visa 

Visa processing time and examination process

  • We do NOT have expedited services
  • Visa processing time is at least 5 working days
  • Application open three months before the intended date of arrival to Japan 
  • There is NO urgent/priority visa processing service (no exception)
  • Applications submitted on short notice will not be accepted
  • Depending on examination, additional documentation is required
  • Incomplete documents will cause of you to re-visit

Visa requirements (Incomplete documents will cause of you to re-visit)

Check FAQ section below prior to visiting the office or if you have any questions.  Alternatively, please call "JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE"  09 802 3564 (24 hours/7days a week, English only) or email us



Temporary Visitor Visa

 For sightseeing, visiting relatives & friends


Temporary Visitor Visa

Attending conferences athletic tournaments,
business trip and so on that are not paid activities in Japan


Temporary Visitor Visa

School Trip


For applicants intending to work/study/live in Japan 
*incl. Spouse/Child of Japanese national


This CoE is a requirement to apply for the visa of
your landing in Japan
Before you enter Japan, you have to apply for the visa with this certificate at the Consulate



Working Holiday Visa 

Eligible for NZ passport holder who residing in NZ only
(NO exception)


For travellers who will stop over in Japan
due to the flight schedule:

  1. go through the Customs and Immigration area at the transferring airport
  2. transit to the different airport (eg: Narita to Haneda) 
  3. stay overnight 

Extension of Validity of Re-Entry Permit

Visa Waiver Arrangement for Nationals of
the United Arab Emirates 

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan site)


Recommended Information