Police Certificate


We cannot provide a fingerprinting service at the Consulate-General of Japan.
Please make an appointment with New Zealand Post (Kiwi Bank), or your local police station if you live in outside of Auckland.
Please discuss with us directly in case of emergency for fingerprinting service.


Description Police Certificates from the Japanese National Police Agency are issued only when requested by certain authorities as required by law. The police certificates are written in Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish.
Who can apply If you reside within our area of jurisdiction (Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty regions or Ruapehu District), you can apply at the Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland.
If you reside outside of these areas, please contact either the Embassy of Japan in Wellington, or Consular Office of Japan in Christchurch.  Should you still wish to apply in Auckland for some special reason, please contact us to make an arrangement in advance.  In some cases we may not be able to process your application.  Please note that you will be asked to have your fingerprints taken at NZ Post or local police.

*Applications should be made in person (we cannot accept applications by another person on the applicant's behalf).
How to apply
*You must obtain the designated fingerprint form first*
1.  Obtain a fingerprint form from the Consulate-General of Japan

(to obtain directly from us)
Please come in anytime between 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-15:30
(to obtain via posting)
You can provide us with a self-addressed stamped A4 size envelope.
Please make sure to include a note indicating that the envelope is for the police certificate applicsaiton.

2.  Contact the local Police Station  if you live outside of Auckland, or New Zealand Post (Kiwi Bank)
to be fingerprinted using our fingerprint form.

3.  Once you are fingerprinted on our form, bring all the required documents between 09:00-12:00, or 13:00-15:30, Monday through Friday.  (you can check our holidays here)
  1. Application Form 
  2. Valid passport (Original passport must be presented)
  3. Fingerprint Form
  4. Documents verifying the reason for applying for the police certificate                                                

If the reason is any of the following, you can skip this No.4 documentaiton                                         

  • In order to apply for a New Zealand visa valid for two years or more
  • In order to apply for a New Zealand resident visa
  • In order to sponsor someone's New Zealand resident visa
  • For the purpose of teacher's registration in New Zealand
  • For the purpose of nurse's resistration in New Zealand
  • For the purpose of midwife's registration in New Zealand
  • For P Endorsement (Driver License)  

*For any other purposes - please contact us in advance

Processing time Approximately 2 months
Fee Free  (Fingerprinting at the Post Shops will incur some cost)
  1. The National Police Agency in Japan deal with a large number of applications from around the world and applications usually take around 2 months to be processed. Please allow plenty of leeway as we do not provide expresds service.
  2. Depending on the reason / purpose of your application, additional documents may be required. Please contact us if you need to inquire in advance.
  3.  If you have applied for a police certificate within the last 1 year and are applying again for the same purpose, please let us know in advance.
  4. If, after obtaining the police certificate, you find that you no longer require it, it must be returned to our office with a letter stating the reasons it was not required.