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Open Day aboard the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force Training Squadron Vessel Asagiri

Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland

Open Day aboard the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Training Squadron Vessel Asagiri


  • The training vessel the Asagiri will have an Open Day as part of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Training Squadron’s port call in Auckland.
  • We unreservedly encourage you take this opportunity to come aboard and experience the ship (the vessel will remain stationary in port and sea rocking will be minimal. The vessel will not leave the wharf).

About the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Training Squadron

  • The Training Squadron exists to develop the knowledge and skills of Junior Officers (in their early twenties who have completed the General Officer Midshipmen's Course at the JMSDF Officer Candidate School) through extended international voyages. The port call in Auckland is part of this ongoing training.

(Photo: The training vessel Asagiri

Time and Date: Thursday 4 September between 9am and 11am, second round 2pm to 4pm
Place: Queens Wharf (via the Northern end), Auckland Central Business District (Please see map)
For: All ages
Format: Unguided (visitors are free to come aboard and explore for themselves during the above visiting hours)

  • Access to the vessel will be unrestricted. Please come straight on up to the Asagiri on Queens Wharf
  • Everyone is welcome. We encourage you to come with your friends and family.
  • Vessel officers will supervise bag checks upon boarding. Please comply with all instructions given by vessel officers.
  • Small children should be supervised at all times to avoid any possible accidents or injuries.
  • There are areas of the ship which are uneven and difficult to walk on. High heeled shoes, sandals and jandals are not appropriate footwear. Please wear sensible shoes for easy walking.
  • Refreshments will not be provided. Please bring your own.
  • You may use cameras and mobile phones aboard the vessel.
  • Bag checks will talk place upon boarding the vessel.
  • There is no parking on site. We suggest those who wish to drive should make use of nearby pay parking buildings.
  • Although safety is paramount on board the Asagiri, the Japanese Government does not take any responsibility should any injuries or accidents occur on board during the Open Day.



Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland
Phone (09) 306 4106

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