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JENESYS Programme 2011
(The Invitation Programme for Special Fields Counterparts from New Zealand(Agriculture))

Event Title JENESYS Programme 2011 ( Japan - East Asia Network of Exchange for Studnets and Youths )

To help lay the foundation for solidarity among Asian countries by promoting mutual understanding of the future generation of ASEAN and East Asia Summit member countries.

At the 2nd East Asia Summit held in January 2007, H.E.Mr. Shinzo Abe, the then Prime Minister of Japan, announced the launching of a large-scale youth exchange initiative totaling USD 315 million, under which approximately 6,000 youths mainly from EAS member countries ( ASEAN, Australia, China, India, ROK and New Zealand ) would be invited to Japan over the next five years.


The Invitation Programme for Special Fields Counterparts from New Zealand (Agriculture)

In the bilateral talks with the Foreign Minister of New Zealand Hon Murray McCully on 29 April, 2009, the then Foreign Minister of Japan Hirofumi Nakasone introduced a new invitation plan for another 50 young New Zealanders to Japan in addition to the existing invitation programme, Future Business Counterparts from New Zealand, started in 2007.

  The Invitation Programme for Special Fields Counterparts  from New Zealand (hereinafter abbreviated as SFC.NZ) is an invitation programme, through which young New Zealand professionals, who will assume greater responsibilities in the coming years and are strongly interested in strengthening relations with Japan, would visit and experience Japan, its society, culture, and people.

  The aim of this unique programme is to provide young New Zealand professionals engaged or interested in agriculture with opportunities to grasp the correct understanding of the current situation in the field. The participants are expected to contribute to promotion of mutual understanding between the two countries utilizing a better understanding of Japan gained through lectures, visits to various sites pertaining to the main theme of the programme and interactions with Japanese people.


Orientation Program
Date Monday 9 May 2011


Venue Mercure Hotel Auckland
Orientation Program

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