Ambassador OSAWA and Consul General MATSUI make a courtesy visit to Mayor of Auckland(12 June 2024)

Ambassador of Japan to New Zealand OSAWA Makoto and Consul General MATSUI Shinji paid a courtesy visit to Mayor of Auckland Wayne Brown on 12 June.

They discussed a range of topics related to promoting people-to-people and cultural exchange between Auckland and Japan, such Auckland city representatives attending G-NETS (※1). The Ambassador and Consul General expressed gratitude for Mayor Brown’s congratulatory message for the 50th anniversary of Nisuikai (the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland ※2). They also talked about sister city relationships and the ‘sister tree’ relationship between the Jomon Sugi in Yaku Island and Tane Mahuta, a kauri tree in Northland's Waipoua forest, which began during Mayor Brown’s previous occupation.

They affirmed their intention to continue to work together to strengthen our mutual relationship, including further progress in the economic activities of companies from both countries, bearing in mind the upcoming visit by the Rt Hon. Prime Minister Luxon to Japan.
(※1)G-NETS (Global City Network for Sustainability) :
(※2)the 50th anniversary of Nisuikai, Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland :