Japan Day 2022 (6 November 2022)

The Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland and the Japanese Society of Auckland held Japan Day 2022 at Auckland’s Trusts Arena on Sunday 6 November. This was the 20th time Japan Day has been held as it was postponed last year due to the effects of Covid.
At the opening ceremony, there were speeches from Japanese Society of Auckland President Keiko Kano, Consul-General Shinichi Hamada, Councillor Shane Henderson and Member of Henderson-Massey Local Board Brooke Loader representing Auckland Council and Member of Parliament Melissa Lee,.
On the stage there were musical performances from groups using traditional Japanese instruments including Taiko, Koto and Shamisen as well as rock bands, dance performances from Yosakoi group and Japanese children, and Aikido and Japanese calligraphy demonstrations. At booths around the venue there was a wide range of Japan-related activities including an Ikebana display, Japanese tea ceremony, sales of Japanese goods, Sake tasting, a wine seminar, promotions of Japanese companies, a Japanese language seminar and Japan travel promotions.
Japanese Society of Auckland President Keiko Kano Consul General Hamada Councillor Shane Henderson and Henderson-Massey Local Board Member Brooke Loader
Member of Parliament Melissa Lee Consulate Booth Japan Day venue