Mr Tim Harvey, CSM Sports & Entertainment Head of Japan

Tim Harvey, Auckland sports management company CSM Sports & Entertainment’s Head of Japan, uses the native–level Japanese he learned growing up in Japan and his experience of playing rugby as a student in his role as an agent for professional New Zealand rugby players.

As well as carrying out marketing and management of sporting events such as the Olympics, CSM Sports & Entertainment also represents professional sports players. The Auckland branch was set up 16 years ago and focuses on planning and management of sporting events associated with rugby and cricket, representing 70% of All Blacks players and 60% of Super Rugby players. Recently the company invited Dan Carter and Richie McCaw to Japan for a disaster charity event.

Tim Harvey's specific business role is negotiating contracts with Japanese companies as a representative of New Zealand professional rugby players. In addition, he also actively promotes players, and is in charge of care and support for the players and their families during their stay in Japan after they have signed contracts.

Tim speaks about the challenges and rewards of his work as follows:
When players who I represent and their families are living in Japan, the players are able to make friends through rugby and enjoy their time in Japan, but their families are in a different situation to the players, and many feel lonely and have a lot of stress as they are unable to speak the language. It was very challenging to take care of these kinds of families. However, negotiating contracts with companies as agent for the players, sending them to Japan and managing the players’ lives feels very rewarding.

Regarding future goals, he would like to plan an event to show Japanese people that rugby is great fun, to hold an event with great impact in Japan to make rugby successful, with a view to the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. In addition, although it is not related to his work, he would like to use his qualifications as a minister and a Justice of the Peace to be of service to Auckland’s Japanese community.