Mr Henry Matthews, International Education Manager at ATEED

Henry Matthews is an experienced services professional, having operated in both B2B and B2C markets. After graduating from Otago University, Henry coached rugby for a year as an SEA on the JET Programme in Fukushima Prefecture and he has lived and worked in diverse international markets including Japan, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Henry has delivered business growth strategies for major services brands including Air New Zealand, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and Education New Zealand. He implemented the planning and organization of the New Zealand government programme for overseas students ‘Game On English’ which invites Japanese high-school students to Auckland and gives them an opportunity to study English while playing rugby. Henry is now the International Education Manager at Study Auckland, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

ATEED implements international education for overseas students and plans and organizes events in order to create new business and business connections in Auckland. Mr Henry Matthews accompanied the Auckland rugby team on their trip to Fukuoka city in August and organized many events and promotion activities to attract Japanese students in Japan.

Matthews’ role involves promotion activities to entice overseas students here. There are programmes which enable students to experience Maori culture, and to improve their leadership skills. So far 85000 students have participated from many countries including Japan, China, Korea and India. In addition, after the students have completed their studies in New Zealand there are follow up activities visiting Japan and building positive relationships.

Matthews spoke about his work and future goals, saying that it is very rewarding to gain students in the highly competitive market for studying abroad and to nurture future leaders in international society through study abroad programs. His future goal is to deepen friendly relationship with Japan and create new networks in light of the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2019, Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and Kansai World Masters Games in 2021.