Ms Chiwako Hoshina, Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador

Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador, Chiwako Hoshina moved to New Zealand in 1988 and is the founder of Japanese tea distributing and consulting company Nippon Tea Ltd. In December 2015, she was officially recognized as a Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador by the Japan Tea Export Council for establishing a high quality Japan-based brand and contributing to the efforts by the Japanese government to reach 1 trillion yen in agricultural exports by 2019. Through her activities and seminars, she continuously works to promote Japanese tea on both a local and national scale. There are currently 18 officially certified Japanese tea advisors working as ambassadors overseas, across 12 countries.

As the daughter of family of tea merchants, tea has always been an integral part of Chiwako’s life, and to better her knowledge she has obtained qualifications as a Japanese tea advisor.
“I take special care in providing information and knowledge with respect to tradition, but also with an integral understanding of the New Zealand setting and social environment. I believe that my own business introducing high quality tea will be highly beneficial to the goals of the Japan Tea Export Council. The beautiful aromas of Hojicha and Matcha Genmaicha are extremely popular, as well as the easy-to-drink, water-brewed Gyokuro. In recent years green tea has been at the center of health foods, with green tea and matcha products gaining a high demand for their many nutrients and proven health benefits. I hope that I can give the local New Zealand population the experience of having a truly delicious, beneficial and enjoyable cup of tea”

Chiwako has been active in her role, holding tea tastings and etiquette demonstrations, as well as selling organic matcha and tea products at events such as Japan Day, Fukuoka day and The Food Show. She is also part of the School Visit Program hosted by Consulate-General of Japan aimed at spreading awareness among students, and acts as a key part by holding seminars at schools across Auckland.

“I would like to put the spotlight on Japanese tea, rather than the umbrella term ‘green tea’. My goal is not to just introduce how to brew and drink the countless varieties of tea, but to educate people about the health benefits and the endless ways that one may enjoy tea. Furthermore, I hope that one day Japanese tea may become a normal everyday sight in the New Zealand household, and I continue to work towards this goal.”