New Year’s Greeting Party; Mrs Keiko Martin receives Consul General’s Commendation (10 January 2024)

The Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland hosted a New Year Greeting Party to celebrate the 6th Year of the Reiwa Era at the Consul-General’s Official Residence on 10 January 2024. Consul General MATSUI Shinji, after expressing at the outset his condolences for those who lost their lives or who were affected by the recent Noto Peninsula Earthquake as well as the accident at Haneda airport, welcomed and exchanged greetings with members of the Japanese Society of Auckland (JSA), Nisuikai Japanese Businesspersons Association, the Auckland Japanese Supplementary School, the Waitakere Japanese Supplementary School, and the Japanese community in Hamilton. Consul General Matsui awarded former JSA president Mrs. Keiko Martin the Consul General's Commendation at this event.
The Consul General's Commendation is presented to those who have made outstanding achievements in relation to Japan that are worthy of special recognition and praise. Mrs Keiko Martin served as the JSA's 6th president in 1997. Mrs Martin was the JSA's first female president, and established the Society's Lifestyle Division, which aims to support and involve the Society’s senior members in its activities through regular 'Ikoi' events featuring creative arts and movie sessions. Mrs Martin also created the JSA's Lifestyle Handbook, presented seminars on Japan's Hinamatsuri Doll Festival, and organized JSA seminars with the NZ Police. After retiring as JSA president Mrs Martin has continued to support the Society as an advisor and has made significant contributions to the development of activities within the Japanese Community.
At the award ceremony on 10 January 2024 Consul General MATSUI outlined Mrs Keiko Martin's achievements and presented her with the Certificate of Commendation. Consul General MATSUI spoke of the dedication that Mrs Martin and her husband Mr Brian Martin have applied to furthering the friendly relations between Japan and New Zealand. Mr Martin also made his own significant contributions to the economic relationship between our countries, serving as Japan New Zealand Business Council chairman, for which he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, in 2017. Current JSA president Ms Kuroda thanked Mrs Martin for her ongoing support of the JSA, followed by congratulations from Auckland Japanese Supplementary School Principal Suzuki. Nisuikai president Mr Egawa also congratulated Mrs Martin and expressed the Japanese business community’s aspirations to further contribute to the development of the Japan-New Zealand economic relationship through business activities and cooperation with the Consulate-General and Embassy of Japan.
Mrs Martin spoke in acceptance of the Commendation and concluded her words by likewise expressing her enthusiasm to continue enriching the lives of the Japanese Community with more of locally driven activities in the future. We would like to express our sincere respect and congratulations to Mrs Martin for her activities and achievements to date, and we look forward to her next endeavours.

Consul General MATSUI Shinji’s New Year and Commendation Speech is available here (Japanese only)
Consul General  Mrs Keiko Martin Receives the Consul General’s Commendation Certificate Mrs Keiko Martin’s Acceptance Speech
Current JSA president Ms Naomi Kuroda Group photo of guests