JSANZ Tertiary Japanese Language Speech Contest Prize-Giving

The prize giving ceremony for the Tertiary Japanese Language Speech Contest organized by Japanese Studies Aotearoa New Zealand (JSANZ) was held on 30 October at the University of Auckland. The Japanese speech contest was held for the 7th time this year and is open to all universities in New Zealand.
The speech contest was opened by Consul-General HAMADA Shinichi, who praised the students for their efforts in winning the prizes and thanked them for their interest in the Japanese language noting that learning a foreign language isn’t simply a means of communication but a means of understanding the way of thinking and lives of the people who speak that language.
This year’s prize winners were Valerie Liang of the University of Auckland (1st), Ewara Schuellner of the University of Waikato (2nd), and Isaiah Mangubat of the University of Canterbury (3rd) and they each received a domestic travel voucher from the sponsor of the contest the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland Inc (Nisui-Kai).
You can see the winning speech from this year and previous years here.

Consul-General HAMADA Shinichi gives a speech 【From left to right】
Consul-General HAMADA Shinichi, Isaiah Mangubat, Valerie Liang, Ewara Schuellner, 
Dallas Nesbitt (Vice President, JSANZ)