2020 Spring Conferment of Decorations: Mr Nobuo Takase

On Tuesday 8 December, a ceremony was held at the Consul General’s residence for Mr Nobuo Takase, recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays in the 2020 Spring Conferment of Decorations.
Mr Takase has contributed to the improvement of the welfare of the Japanese community through his service as Chairperson of the Japanese Society of Auckland and also contributed to the promotion of Japanese culture through his Aikido instruction over the past 50 years in New Zealand.

At the ceremony, Consul-General Shinichi Hamada congratulated Mr Takase on his achievements and presented him with the decoration.

Mr Takase expressed his deepest gratitude to those involved in Aikido instruction and activities in the Japanese Society of Auckland for their support and cooperation up to now. 

The ceremony was attended by instructors from the Aikido Shinryukan and members of the Japanese Society of Auckland to celebrate Mr Takase’s achievements.
Mr Takase (L) and Consul General Hamada (R) With Aikido Members With Japanese Society of Auckland Members