Introducing Japanese Culture at the Olympic Fanzone (NZHQ)

During TOKYO 2020 from 23 July to 8 August, the New Zealand Olympic Committee provided a fanzone, “NZHQ”, in The Cloud on the Auckland waterfront. 

At the fanzone, the Asia New Zealand Foundation (a non-profit organization with the aim of increasing exchange between New Zealand and Asian countries) showcased Japan to visitors through a variety of methods including information panels about Japan and videos produced by the host towns to the New Zealand team.

The stand in front of these panels was visited by many school students, who learned  about Japan, origami and how to write their names in Katakana (Japanese script) by volunteers mainly from the Japanese Society of Auckland.
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Volunteers teaching the students katakana, the screens show videos from the host towns
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Asia New Zealand Foundation Executive Director, Simon Draper (2nd from left),
Japanese Society of Auckland President, Keiko Kano (centre) and
Consul General Hamada (3rd from left)
Photos provided by
*Japanese Society of Auckland
**:Asia New Zealand Foundation