2023 Japan and New Zealand Budo Cultural Exchange Program

On 12 November, in the presence of Mr KOMURA Masahiko, Chairman of the Nippon Budokan, the Nippon Budokan hosted a Budo Cultural Exchange Program, and Ms OTASHIRO Mio, Deputy Consul of Japan had the pleasure to attend.

On the Japanese side, there were demonstrations of modern martial arts (Kyudo, Sumo, Naginata, Aikido, Kendo, Jyukendo, Shōrinji Kempō, Judo, Karatedo) and a seminar on Kobudo (Tendo-ryu Naginata-jutsu).

On the New Zealand side, Budo culture in New Zealand was introduced, with demonstrations of Judo, Shōrinji Kempō, Aikido, Iaido, Karatedo and Kendo, as well as Māori traditional dance. The five-hour seminar was an excellent opportunity for martial artists from both countries to deepen their friendship and understanding with respect for each other.

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[Tokyo] Mr KOMURA, President of
Nippon Budokan Foundation

Mr Ito
Ambassador of Japan to New Zealand 

Ms Otashiro
Deputy Consul General 
Traditional Maori Dance
Demonstration in Tokyo Demonstration in Tokyo Judo Demonstration Shorinji Kempo Demonstration
Aikido Demonstration(1) Aikido Demonstration(2) Aikido Demonstration(3) Karate Demonstration
Iaido Demonstration Kendo Demonstration