Aikido Shinryukan 54th Anniversary Gasshuku (3 March 2024)

Aikido Shinryukan’s 54th Anniversary Gasshuku was held at Avondale College in Auckland from 1 to 3 March. Shihan HORII Etsuji from Aioikai Aikido Amagasaki Dojo in Japan travelled to New Zealand for the event, as well as many instructors and practitioners of Aikido from New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and New Caledonia.
Consul General MATSUI spoke at the Gasshuku on the final day, paying tribute to Aikido Shinryukan founder Shihan TAKASE Nobuo’s passion for Aikido and his teaching and congratulating the practitioners for their hard work through this event. He also offered his hopes for the furthering of friendly relations between Japan and New Zealand through Aikido Shinryukan’s activities.