The Japan Foundation Travelling Exhibition


Yokai Parade - Supernatural Monsters from Japan

Utagawa Kuniyoshi, “In the Ruined Palace at Sōma”
WHERE Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street, Auckland City Centre

Thursday 29 September - Sunday 6 November 2022 (Except 24Oct for Labour Day)
Mon-Fri 9am-8pm (Exhibition Gallery on Level2 closes at 6pm)
Sat&Sun 10am-5pm


The Consulate General of Japan in Auckland hosted “Yokai Parade” exhibition together with Auckland Council, Auckland Central City Library and the Japan Foundation as one of the events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and New Zealand.

This exhibition introduced the Auckland audience to the unique spiritual world of “Yokai” dynamically and vividly. It extended from ancient history to the present day in various forms – picture scrolls, nishiki-e (a multicolored Japanese woodblock print), toys, anime and films.

Various events has been held at Auckland Central City Library during the exhibition period. Also Auckland Central City Library curated book displays from their collections during the exhibition period, covering Yokai exhibition related themes of history, myth, art, and pop cultures – Manga and Anime!


Exhibition leaflet (EN) (PDF:9.27MB)

*Yokai Parade also visited Wellington from 25 August to 5 September. 

Free event informaion

.Exhibition Opening Event
Calligraphy & Taiko
Live Performance

Create Your Own
Yokai Competition
Twilight Taiko Beats
An Evening of Kaidan
Fri 30 Sep
Open Sat 1 Oct 
Close Fri 21 Oct
Thu 13 Oct
Thu 13 Oct
Japanese calligrapher Rie Shibasaki in live collaboration with Kumo Taiko. Pop in during lunch time to see this beautiful performance.
Create your own Yokai characters – a popular Japanese pop artist Mr Jun Arita will be the judge! Please check Auckland Central City Library FB for more details.
Listen to the deep rich sounds of the Taiko under the twilight sky by Haere Mai Taiko. An ideal setting for mysterious and spiritual world of Yokai.
Experience a form of unique cultural storytelling with a Rakugo performance collaborating with Tsugaru Shamisen performance. 
Yokai Talks: Seven expert talks
Talk1 Talk2 Talk3 Talk4

Sat 1 Oct

Fri 7 Oct

Fri 7 Oct
Fri 14 Oct
Paranomal investigator
Mark Wallbank

Scott Bainbridge

Fiona McConnell
Dan Taipua

Founder of Paranormal Reserch Team
Haunted Auckland

Giants and Monsters of the New Zealand Forest Creating Yokai Culture: Toriyama Sekien Night Procession of One Hundred Demons To be Pacific
Cultural Connection to Yokai
Talk5 Talk6 Talk 7  
Sat 15 Oct
12pm –1pm
Fri 21 Oct
12pm –1pm
Fri 21 Oct
5:30pm –6:30pm
Dan Taipua
Auckland Art Gallery
Sophie Matthiesson
Central City Library
Jonny Smith
My Favorite Monsters: Yokai in Toys, Games and Cartoons Hokusai and the Art of Edo Japan Ringu and the J-Horror revolution

Curator YUMOTO Koichi (Director Emeritus of the Yumoto Koichi Memorial JAPAN YOKAI MUSEUM [Miyoshi Mononoke Museum])

The exhibition is curated by Yumoto Koichi, in collaboration with the Yumoto Koichi Memorial Japan Yokai Museum (Miyoshi Mononoke Museum).

Yumoto Koichi is one of Japan’s foremost "Yokai" scholars. During the course of his research, he has built up a collection of over 5,000 "Yokai" objects and pieces of art. Former curatorial director of the Kawasaki City Museum, he lectures at universities on topics related to "Yokai", and engages in the supervision of special exhibitions. He has also authored numerous books on "Yokai".

Japan Foundation Japanese Yokai Short Video Series

Let’s explore the world of “Yokai” with this series of seven concise introductions of Japanese culture that have been passed down and renewed through history to the present day.