Junji Kawai, Senior Lecturer of Auckland University of Technology, receives Consul General’s Commendation (30 June 2022)

On 30 June Consul General Hamada awarded Dr Junji Kawai the Consul General’s Commendation at the Consul General’s residence. The Consul General’s Commendations are awarded to those who have made remarkable achievements in relation to Japan.

Dr Kawai has been involved in Japanese teaching in universities in New Zealand for 30 years, and also been actively involved in promoting the Japanese language in the community in various ways such as organising the Auckland Regional Secondary School Japanese Speech Contest and acting as Japanese lecturer at events of the Consulate.

At the commendation ceremony Consul General Hamada noted Dr Kawai’s achievements and presented him with the certificate of commendation. Ms Dallas Nesbitt, former Senior Lecturer of Auckland University of Technology), spoke of Dr Kawai’s thoughtful care for his students and passion for teaching in the university. Dr Kawai stated his appreciation for those who have helped him and expressed a desire to continue contributing to Japanese teaching.

We offer our deepest thanks to Dr Kawai for all of his efforts and achievements and look forward to his continued success.
Awarding the Commendation Consul General Hamada Dr Junji Kawai, Senior Lecturer
Ms Dallas Nesbitt Members at the Commendation ceremony