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Birkenhead College

Consulate-General of Japan in Auckland recently hosted a school group from Birkenhead College (Year 10,11,12).
We had a special film screening with the DVD " Can You See Our Lights? First Festival after the Tsunami".

Summer festivals in the Tohoku region of northeast Japan have a special significance. Each community holds a festival to give thanks for the blessings of land and sea, and to mourn the people who passed away. Many places were devastated by the disaster that hit Tohoku on 11 March 2011, and some were unable to hold a festival. But the people of Takatacho in Rikuzentakata City pressed away. As we followed their preparations, we learnt of their desire to honor lost loved ones and rebuild community bonds.

We hope the students gained more deep understanding about Japanese people and Japanese culture through this film.

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