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The films will be shown in English / Registration required
Friday 22 January
10:30am 1:30pm
Hayao Miyazaki / 2008 / 103min / G / Studio Ghibli Hiroyasu Ishida / 2018 / 118min / PG

A film by Academy Award winning director Hayao Miyazaki

In a small town by the sea lives five year old Sosuke, high on a cliff overlooking the Inland Sea. One morning while playing on the rocky beach below his house, he discovers a goldfish he names Ponyo, her head stuck in a jam jar.

Sosuke rescues Ponyo and keeps her in a green plastic bucket. Both Ponyo and Sosuke are fascinated by each other and promise to stay firm friends until Ponyo's father, a sorcerer who lives deep under the sea, forces her to return with him to the ocean depths.

What follows is an amazing underwater adventure for all ages...

The Secret Life of Penguins.

Budding genius Aoyama is only in the 4th grade, but already lives his life like a scientist. When penguins start appearing in his sleepy suburb hundreds of miles from the sea, Aoyama vows to solve the mystery.

When he finds the source of the penguins is a woman from his dentist’s office, they team up for an unforgettable summer adventure.

Based on Tomihiko Morimi’s popular novel and manga adaptation. Winner of The Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation award at Fantasia International Film Festival for the best animated feature. A visually amazing, heart-warming delight!