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  • Children need to be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Kids Yukata (Casual Kimono) & Happi Coat dressing is available for children around 140cm tall or less only.   
Collaborative Performance 
Taiko Drum + Japanese Calligraphy
Freyberg Square
Bring you all the positive inspiration and joyful energy though this amazing collaboration.  Master Japanese calligrapher Rie Shibasaki will perform live accompanied with Haere Mai Taiko team.  At this event, Rie’s calligraphy will turned into a vibrant art of powerful and dynamic strokes surrounded by rich and strong taiko beats over the performance.
Kids Taiko  Workshop Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Origami Workshop+Create your own paper plane!
Freyberg Square

Elizabeth Yate Room (Upstairs)
Helen Clerk Room
Power, passion, artistry and Oriental grace; Japanese taiko drumming is an amazing experience to behold.

Haere Mai Taiko, dedicated and passionate performers of Japanese taiko music based in Auckland, will present a powerful and beautiful performance.

Following their performance with Ms Rie Shibasaki, children will be invited to workshop to try Taiko!
Japanese calligraphy is one of the most celebrated and revered forms of artistic expression within Japanese culture. Truly notable calligraphic writing takes decades to master and can be valued as much as paintings and other forms of Japanese art.

Discover the basics of Japanese calligraphy during a lesson with Master Japanese Calligraher Ms Rie Shibasaki.

Learn how to use a calligraphy brush to create an original piece of artwork that you can take home with you as the perfect souvenir!
Step by Step instruction by Japan Kauri Education Trust team.

Children will be introduced to the art of Japanese Origami. Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced folder, this workshop is perfect for all skill levels. Fun and creative!

Also make your own paper plane and fly it towards a target!  Some paper airplanes fly very straight, while others curve or do loop-the-loops. The plane that gets through the rainbow target is the winner!

Japan Kauri Education Trust preserves Japanese cultural and linguistic heritage for the next generation of Japanese in New Zealand.  Also, the Trust promotes effective relationships with local communities, and bridges the gap between the New Zealand and Japanese cultures.

Kids Yukata (Casual Kimono) &
Happi Coat Dressing 

Play with Japanese Traditional Toys Kids Favorite: Bouncy Ball Scoop  UFO Catcher Crane Game
Betty Wark Room
Outside of Betty Wark Room
Freyberg Square
Freyberg Square
Experience cute and cool Yukata / Happi coat dressing! 

Yukatas are casual kimono, made from a light breathable cotton. Happi coats are traditional lightweight cotton jackets. They are worn mostly in the summer in Japan especially while visiting festivals!

Kids Yukata and Happi Dressing is available for children under 140cm tall only. A first come, first serve basis and kids can enjoy their Yukata or Happi for 15minutes after being dressed to take photos or enjoy other activities! 
Over the past decade, technology has been growing fast. In Japan, there are many great traditional toys that Japanese children still play with at schools and with their friends!

Kids Japanese Festival introduce a wide range of traditional Japanese toys such as kendama (a toy similar to cup-and-ball), taketombo (bamboo-propellers), koma (spinning tops), and hagoita (wooden paddles used in a badminton-like game) and more!!
Another fun summer festival activity, Bouncy ball scooping!!  It is a game to scoop bouncy balls in a pool. A bouncy ball is called “superball” in Japan.

How many can you scoop?? The scoop is made of paper with a plastic frame, and the paper tears when it gets wet!

Enjoy this thrilling game, and let’s get cute bouncy balls. 

Limited quantity (Bouncy Balls), not to be missed!
Have you tried your luck at grabbing a favorite candy or toy from the big claw machine in the local arcade or fair?  Japan is home to thousands of claw machines, known in Japan as UFO Catchers or Crane Games.  Experience the thrill and excitement of Carnival Arcade Style fun with our mini claw machine.

Can you collect a prize before the music stops? Great fun for kids or adults that are kids at heart!
Kids also can develop patience, confidence and creativity, and improve their hand eye coordination all while having fun!
Smoothie Bike Bubble Machine Mobile Library Authentic Japanese Tea Tasting
Freyberg Square
Freyberg Square
Freyberg Square
Outside of Helen Clerk Room
Come and Join us make fresh smoothies and get in on the action!

How does smoothie bike work?
1) We fill blender with ingredients for your smoothies (All free!!).  I'ts about to get delicious in here.  

2) Hop on the bike and pedal for 15 -30 seconds to power the blender.

3) Your smoothie is ready.  Enjoy!

Bubbles are a fun and engaging activity that kids (and adults) love.

Playing with bubbles is an easy & delightful sensory activity for little ones and will boost their development!  They can see the iridescent colors of the bubble. They can feel them as they pop on their hands and bodies. They can feel them as they pop on their hands and bodies.

Playing with bubbles also encourages your child to move and coordinate their bodies.

The Mobile Library is coming to Kids Japanese Festival !  

The mobile library will have collections including Japanese children books on board for browsing and borrowing.

Auckland Mobile Libraries are part of Auckland Libraries so you can borrow and return books to the mobile library, borrow from the mobile library and return to a branch, or borrow from a branch and return to the mobile library.

Come and explore real Japanese Tea-tasting with Ms Chiwako Hoshina.

Ms Chiwako Hoshina is officially recognized as a Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador by Japanese government and the only certified Japanese tea advisor in New Zealand.

She has a vision of introducing and educating New Zealanders about the many health benefits of high quality Japanese Tea.