Story Time - Japanese Folk Tales


11:00- / 12:00- / 13:00- / 14:00- / 15:00- at Betty Ward Room

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Do your children like listening to a story? 

A warm welcome for everyone to join us for our story fun time for toddlers, preschoolers, young children , or the whole family.

Listen to the stories from " once upon a time in Japan" that every Japanese kid grows up enjoying. These stories take you on a journey to a fairy tale world of boy heroes, animal antics, and more.

There will be five Story Time sessions in English at 11am, 12pm, 13pm, 14pm and 15pm. Each story is less than 15minutes long. 


  • 11am: Urashima Taro
  • 12pm: Hanasaka Jisan
  • 13pm: Kaguya Hime
  • 14pm: Momo Taro
  • 15pm: Tsuru no Ongaeshi
Urashima Taro
Hanasaka Jiisan
Kaguya Hime
Momo Taro
Tsuru no Ongaeshi

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